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What's VR Women?

"I am a women. Like millions out there. Yet, how often do I reach boundaries, when it comes to my own awareness of this world, to my ideas, emotions and state of simply just being? VR Women wants to break such boundaries, invite to think and see and feel and be different – as a women -  no matter of your sex. It wants to explore new opportunities - in relation to the medium of VR – and how that can bring change along within this society; one that is very depended on media in general. Can we still live a life without any technical device, that portrays content to us? That kind of world by now is hard to imagine. And now we have a new medium starting its way into our daily lives: VR. 
And that is a great opportunity. Via VR I do believe it’s possible to change the approach I felt so far by the society to my being a women and make it experienceable, what I go thru within my life where words or simple images might not be enough or sufficient anymore. On that basis an exchange is more possible and likeable, then with any other medium so far – on VR Women I want that exchange to expand. Everyone is welcome to contact me and be part of this approach. Maybe you want me to talk to you in my podcast about your world in connection with VR? Or have something in writing, that you’d like to share? Let’s dive into the world of VR WOMEN and begin the change."

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