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We are connecting and

exchanging with women in VR. 

"VR affects our psychology and the subconscious. Cinema was the first step. VR is the next. This immersive potential fits to Marshal McLuhan's quote: “The medium is the massage”VR touches our senses and is demanding more activism from the experiencer than any other medium.

This immersive dimension offers an opportunity, but also manipulative potential. We as creators have to be aware of that. Let's create VR in a responsible way. Let's change us to the better."



VR-Women Julia Bruton

©Lara Gräfen

Julia Bruton got her engineering degree 2008 at Salzburg University of applied sciences within the field of digital television. She then moved to Berlin to study at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. During those studies she worked at the Delphi Filmverleih and the Boje Buck Production Company, wrote, directed and produced several different media formats and finalized her studies in 2016. She co-founded the Sinnema Animation Studio  together with Simon Reichenbach and Adam Yassour the same year. Besides the client based work, Julia develops serial and VR projects with a focus on the female perspective.  She received funding and build allegiances with international studios. Currently her VR project THE MATRIARX is in production, a VR experience conveying matriarchal worlds.  

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